sabato 5 settembre 2009

Google University Inaugural Lecture: Expanding the Frontiers of Computer Science

La lezione alla Stanford University di Merhan Sahami, ricercatore Google e prodessore in Computer Science vuole porre l'accento e spiegare la diminuizione crescente delle iscrizioni ai corsi di computer science dell'intera nazione.

Enrollments in undergraduate Computer Science programs nationwide have declined drastically in the past half decade and there is now a real crisis in the pipeline of students being prepared for careers in computing. Mehran Sahami, Google Research Scientist and Professor and Associate Chair for Education in the Computer Science Department at Stanford University, will examine some of the factors affecting enrollments in CS, analyzing both historical and current trends. He will also discuss the significant changes that have been made in Stanford's undergraduate CS program which aim to expand the scope of education in computer science and highlight the diversity of options available in the field

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